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Wait !!
Before you throw away that outdated or faded vinyl banner...Let us recycle it into Tote Bags for you...

Do you have outdated banners? You can recycle them!
Our company makes beautiful and useful, one of a kind pieces of art from your old banners.
They make wonderful thank you gifts.
They are a piece of history for the event.
Email us for a quote.

Vinyl Banner Tote Bags

Vinyl is durable and waterproof, making a great bag.
These beautiful Tote Bags are made from your outdated vinyl banners that were used outside of your restaurant, your store or on your building. After the event, the banner has ended its first life and when they are typically removed and thrown away into a landfill. By recycling these vinyl banners with us, we will make unique one-of-a-kind Tote Bags for you. You will be giving, what was considered trash, a second life. This option will benefit both you and the environment.

 Tote Bags for Sale


Nature Themed Tote Bags
These large tote bags are made from new vinyl banners material.

Recycled Banner Tote Bags
These bags are made from your old vinyl advertising banners.

Pet Food Bags
These bags are made from recycled woven polypropylene dog, cat and bird food bags.

Special Orders & Fun Projects for Tote Bags
Some of these tote bags are made from blank vinyl banner material, that would have otherwise been thrown away.



Banner Tote Bag


Banner Tote Bag


Pet Food Bag


Vinyl Tote Bag